Validations + sending

  • What the other platforms for email validations do? They send a blank request to remote mail servers and they are waiting for remote OK answer from them. If the remote answer is OK they clasify your email as valid. But let assume that you have an email list with 1000 emails for validation and you receive 50% valid emails. It means that you have sent 500 blank requests to remote server with empty body. At this way you pay once for validations of 1000 emails and a second time for sending to 500 valid emails. At we give you a possibility to pay for validation and sending at the same time! It means that you can put a real content at your messages to remote servers at the process of validatation. And this is not everything - to protect your domain reputation when we are validating we are using system emails at our side for hiding your true domain!
  • Validation included in the process of sending based on statistic results after the end of the email campaign;
  • Export in .csv file with valid emails, opens, clicks, unsubcribes. See SAMPLE file here >>